Bespoke LV Switchboard


Bespoke free standing LV switchboard

Here is a bespoke, free standing LV switchboard which has been specially designed for a customer of CEF Edinburgh (Switchboard has been split ready for transportation). It features a 1000A TP MCCB incomer with type 1 & 2 surge protection, an aluminium gland plate for incoming single core cables, 2 copper pads per phase for incoming cables running in parallel, multiple outgoing MCCBs, key locks for doors and the switchboard also features our twin busbar system which allows for easy transport and installation.

As with all Proteus Switchboards, regular photo updates were sent through to the customer throughout the building process including frame being built, devices being fitted etc. which allowed the customer to stay up-to-date and know what the switchboard would look like before it arrived on site. Make sure to like and follow our page for news, advice and product photos.



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