Proteus Consumer ISO 9001:2015


Proteus Switchgear has recently achieved ISO 9001:2015 being the first in the organisation to be awarded the latest upgrade to the internationally recognised Quality Management standard.

With the emphasis more on leadership and a focus on risk management the new standard establishes customer satisfaction at its core. Quality management under the revised standard is much more aligned with the wider business strategies and more aware of the potential vulnerabilities facing the company. This integrated approach is a departure from previous systems that concentrated more as a system of quality control measures relating to design, manufacture and distribution of products  to one now based on the impact of, and on, the whole business as it operates with all its interested parties from shareholders and owners to suppliers, employees and customers.

When included to this is all legislative, environmental and health and safety aspects then this holistic approach will ensure the whole organisation is capable of producing consistent quality in all its activities and striving to reduce risk on any aspect that can adversely affect its viability. The leadership of the company are committed to communicating the established goals and objectives, being deemed achievable and measurable, to all personnel.

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