Proteus EV



Proteus Distribution Units for Electric Car Chargers

Proteus offer a large range of custom designed single & three phase distribution units for EV chargers. Ensure your customer’s exact requirements are met with a completely bespoke solution.

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial or Public

Proteus can offer EV charging switchgear solutions for a variety of installations from charging at home, the workplace, public access and commercial applications.

Compatibility with Different Chargers

Whether the installation is for electric car charger for home or work or if it requires a slow unit, fast charger or rapid charger, Proteus can offer a standard or bespoke solution to supply and protect your electric car charging stations.


Standard Offering

Proteus Switchgear offer a wide range of standard products which suit a variety of EV installations. Not only do they distribute power, offer short circuit, overcurrent and earth leakage protection, but they are also off-the-shelf items which makes them a quick and affordable option.

They are a complete solution which comes fully assembled and with all the required devices already fitted.

We offer a 1 way unit, all the way up to a 12 way unit and many different configurations in-between. Outgoing ways are described as the kW rating of the required chargers so you can easily choose the switchgear to match your EV charging requirements.


Bespoke Offering

Proteus Switchgear also offer pre-built bespoke solutions including MCCBs, MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs in IP3X steel enclosures or steel/GRP IP65 Enclosures to suit various applications.

Not all EV charging installations are exactly the same, so specialist solutions are often required. Proteus Switchgear are able to design and build bespoke configurations to distribute power and offer protection to all of your required EV charging points.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and dedicated sales, technical and production staff, we specialise in offering solutions to problems that often cannot be addressed by standard product offerings.


Case Studies


Proteus Assist the Fast Charger Roll-Out

Proteus Industrial Switchgear are working with major names in electric vehicle (EV) charging. They design and build bespoke and standard switchgear solutions for protecting and distributing power to EV chargers.

A recent project saw a roll-out of 150kW chargers across 6,500 public charging points throughout the UK. The roll-out will help future-proof the UK’s charging facilities, as currently very few EVs are capable of charging at 150kW.

To provide suitable power distribution, control and circuit protection Proteus Industrial designed and manufactured a range of products to cover the various installation types.

The main panels for the 150kW Ultra Chargers include 1250A or 1600A incomers supplying two or four 315A MCCBs. All are fitted with type A earth leakage and surge protection with a further sub-distribution board providing lighting and maintenance outlets.

As a UK manufacturer Proteus Switchgear offer such customised solutions with quality products which are fully compliant with BS 61439 parts 1 & 2.