Bespoke Products 400V


Proteus offer a large range of custom designed, bespoke LV switchboards, panelboards, distribution boards and consumer units. Ensure your customer’s exact requirements are met with a completely bespoke solution.

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Pro 2000 LV Switchboards

PRO2000 LV Switchboards have specifiable options such as Form 2, Form 3 and Form 4 level of segregation - Multi-function, analogue/digital tariff and non-tariff metering - Restricted earth fault protection utilising Class X CTs providing protection of transformer LV windings - Cableways positioned to left or right hand of switchgear or with high/low level pre-connected terminals for front access applications - All switchgear has the option of 3 or 4 pole switching - Manual and automatic changeover systems - Fully integrated automatic PFC including multistage ‘switching’ hand/off/auto selection, automatic control relays, contactors, fuse protection (25KVAr, 50KVAr stages as standard, other sizes available) - Sealable supply authority CT chambers - Surge suppression - Modular design to customer requirements - Main incomer options up to 2500 amps.

Pro 800 Panelboards

PRO800 MCCB Panelboards have options of lockable doors for all MCCBs and MCB Housings - Segregated cableways to suit specific cable sizes and types. Width and depth to suit - Feeder MCCB busbar section accepts MCCBs rated up to 250 amps as standard. Larger rated outgoing MCCBs can be factory fitted to busbar systems (up to 800A) - Distribution busbars up to 800 amps - Standard enclosures to IP3X - IP65 enclosures are also available - Options of main incomer as 3 or 4 pole switching - Options of MCB or multi-function distribution boards - Busbar ratings from 200A to 800A - Changeover systems - Sealable Supply Authority Chambers - Tariff and non-tariff kWH metering - Multi-function metering - Surge suppression.

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400V Switchgear

Proteus Switchgear ICON - Grey


Our team are happy to visit your site to establish your project requirements.

Designed to Your Specification

Proteus utilise the latest drawing software and provide panel layout drawings at both quotation and construction stages.

Testing & Compliance

All products tested to relevant British & European Standards and the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.


You’re welcome to visit the factory to see your board being built and discuss build requirements.

RCD/RCBO Testing


Our range of RCD and RCBO devices undergo 100% electronic testing to ensure each device trips within the required time parameters. Each device is given a unique code following testing for complete traceability.

Thermal Testing


As part of our UK testing facility, thermal testing of miniature circuit breakers and RCBO devices ensure our products meet the performance requirements of
BS EN 60898.

Fitted Devices


MCBs and RCBOs can be fitted and cabled to terminals and contactors / 3 or 5 pin sockets.

Surge Arrestors


Type 2 surge arrestor cabled in parallel with supply.
Din rail mounted.

Cabling Assistance


Devices can be cabled to panel mounted terminals to aid cabling.

Supply Authority


Supply authority C.T. chamber with C.T. support plates. Built to specific supply authority requirements.


Laser Cutting Machine

Once sheets of steel or copper are brought into the factory, the first process will be going through the CNC fibre laser machine. This machine cuts out all of our pre-programmed parts from the sheet material before they go on to the next step, bending on the press brake.