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Are you installing EV charge points and looking for a compliant alternative to Earth electrodes?

Why do you need to install Earth electrodes?

PME (TNCS) is the most common form of earthing provided at new installations and utilises a single conductor for the neutral and earthing functions (PEN) with an earth terminal derived from the neutral cable. The danger arises if there is an open PEN conductor within the network. This can lead to an electric shock if any metallic parts, including gas pipework and any bonded appliance, were touched by a person in simultaneous contact with the general mass of Earth.

Unfortunately, MCBs and RCDs currently used DO NOT detect this fault and DO NOT offer any protection.

Because of this the IET Wiring Regulations BS:7671 2018 Amendment 1 2020, states that a PME earthing facility shall not be used as means of earthing for the protective conductor contact of a charging point located outdoors or that might reasonably be expected to be used to charge a vehicle located outdoors.

Unless one of the following methods is used

  • The charge point forms part of a three-phase installation where all of the demand including the charge point/s are balanced over all of the available phases
  • The car charging installation includes an Earth electrode of sufficient resistance to ensure the rise of earth potential will be limited to a maximum of 70 V rms during a broken neutral event
  • Protection of electric shock is provided by a device which disconnects the charging point/s from the live conductors of the supply and the protective earth within 5 seconds in the event of a broken neutral

we have the answer……

With the introduction of BS: 7671: 2018 Amendment 1: 2020 it is now very clear what is allowed for protection on EV charge point installations. matt:e has developed a range of connection centres that allow for the compliant connection of EV charge points to PME infrastructures without the use of Earth electrodes.

Product Features

  • Helps reduce disruptive and costly groundworks
  • Removes the risk of striking buried services
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 12 & 16 triple pole outgoing ways.
  • Choose between 100A or 200A 4 pole isolator incomer.
  • Features a matt:e O-PEN® protection device which monitors the PEN conductor and trips the 5 pole MCBs in the event of a fault, automatically reclosing once the fault is cleared.
  • Accepts MCBs from 2A to 63A and RCBOS from 6A to 45A.
  • Surge protection and Multi-function Metering optional if required.
  • Dual Earth and Neutral terminal bars.
  • Removable end plates, top and bottom.
  • Removable door.
  • Key hole wall fixings.
  • Additional modular boxes available for RCD’s.
  • Larger sized incomers available upon request.


The O-PEN® protection device which monitors the PEN conductor and trips the 5 pole MCB in the event of a fault, automatically recloses once the fault is cleared. No need to manually reset the device.

Customise our new O-PEN® Distribution boards

As a service at Proteus we can pre populate our NEW O-PEN® boards to suit your installation requirements. Whether thats providing devices for 3x 7.2kW, 6x 22kW and then blanks to future proof your installation.

Extension Boxes

Do you have hardware or sockets that need to be fed from the board?

We can provide a 20 or 40 mod top mounted modular box for O-PEN boards

Pre populated

Pre Populated

Has your customer specified the number of chargers?

We can pre fit your board with the required devices either single or three phase to suit the amount of EV chargers that will be used. Saving time when installing on site.


Did You Know

As standard we fit the incoming devices in the bottom half of the board, however, if your supply needs to come into the top we can switch this around.

Feeder Pillar

Feeder Pillars

Are you installing a board for a car park or forecourt?

Let us know the size of your feeder pillar and we can design the board to suit.


Size Restrictions

Do you need your board to fit into a specific space?

We offer a vast variety of designs to suit most spaces. This can range from adding a plinth to the bottom of the board or designing the board to fit into the corner of a room with a left or right turn in the board.


Add Ons

To complement this 3 phase EV distribution unit range we offer the following add ons to enhance your installation. Whether you require surge protection or MID metering we have kits ready to order, or if you require additional modular boxes or stand alone devices we can accommodate.

  • Stand Alone O-PEN® Devices
  • Surge Protection Kits
  • MID Metering Kits
  • Modular Boxes