Switch & Switch Fuse Disconnectors

Proteus Industrial offer a large selection of switch disconnector fuses / switch fuses, switch disconnectors, rotary isolators and changeover switches. Depending on the application, we offer various different ranges such as the Euro range for affordable fused (up to 100A) and unfused (up to 200A) switch disconnectors. The Telford range of fused (up to 160A) and unfused (up to 200A) switch disconnectors up to which are fully AC23A rated and have additional features on the handle such as a self-defeating interlock handle for live testing. The U range of fused (up to 800A) and unfused (up to 630A) switch disconnectors which are fully AC23A rated and are built for higher ampages. The Madeley range of IP65 rotary isolators which are available in 3, 4 or 6 pole versions and ratings from 20A to 200A. Manual changeover switches are available in steel (up to 800A) or IP65 GRP (up to 100A) enclosures and are available in 2, 3 or 4 pole versions. A full range of fused and unfused switch disconnectors are also available in steel or GRP IP65 enclosures as standard.